The due date for California load-serving entities (LSE), including retail sellers and local publicly owned electric utilities (POU) to report 2021 retirements of renewable energy credits for California’s Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) to the California Energy Commission (CEC) is Friday, July 1, 2022.

Related Programs

Renewables Portfolio Standard - Certification

Learn about the RPS certification process, what resources are considered renewable, and how generating facilities can become RPS certified.

Renewables Portfolio Standard – Verification and Compliance

View RPS verification results for California’s load-serving entities as well as the verification methodology used to make the determinations.

The RPS eligibility guidebook is the authority for facility certification requirements and generation reporting requirements. The guidebook is the primary resource to learn about RPS participation and overall program guidance. Please also refer to its corresponding RPS Resolution No. 17-0712-04Previous guidebook editions are also available.

The RPS program uses an online portal to interact with stakeholders. The portal is used for program involvement activities, including:

  • Viewing a public list of RPS facilities.
  • Applying for RPS certification of a facility.
  • Reporting generation claims to Energy Commission staff.

The processes and formulas that the Energy Commission staff uses to determine the eligibility and quality of renewable generation are in the Verification Methodology Report

The Energy Commission is responsible for verification and compliance of local publicly owned electric utilities (POU). Specific requirements are in the enforcement regulations.

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