The Energy Commission is the chief building official for projects that it licenses. The Energy Commission is responsible for plan review and construction inspection in accordance with the California Building Standards Code and the approved decision for the project.

The Energy Commission’s inspection and enforcement program ensures that permitted thermal power plants are operated, maintained, and decommissioned in accordance with the respective permits and laws. 

Power plants under the Energy Commission’s jurisdiction include:

  • Power Plants
    • 50 megawatts or greater
    • Thermal
  • Technology Examples (Not limited to these types)
    • Biomass
    • Coal
    • Geothermal
    • Natural gas
    • Nuclear
    • Oil
    • Solar thermal
  • Transmission Lines -- From power plant to the first point of interconnection
  • Related Facilities
    • Fuel supply lines
    • Access roads
    • Water and waste facilities

Staff conducts periodic inspections, reviews annual reporting requirements, conducts on-site audits, and investigates formal and informal complaints. Staff also works with project owners to bring plants into compliance or take enforcement action against violators. In 2018, 83 power plants were being monitored by the Energy Commission. 

To view documents for power plants under review, under construction, in compliance or operational, click on the link below.

Status of Power Plant