Public involvement is an important part of California Energy Commission proceedings. The Commission promotes an open process that enables those who are interested to have an opportunity to stay informed, have a voice, and influence the outcome of proceedings. 

How to Participate

Participating in Energy Commission meetings, workshops and hearings provides an opportunity to hear the positions of others and to decide if individual interests are being represented. 

There are two ways for the public to participate in siting cases–informally or formally.

Informal Participation

Informal participants can attend all meetings, workshops, and hearings and provide oral or written comments on topics and issues of interest or concern. These comments are considered by the Energy Commission and are part of the record. They do not have the weight of formal evidence and are not sufficient to support an Energy Commission decision. 

There are several ways to provide comments on siting cases. Written comments can be submitted through the Energy Commission’s online e-commenting system or through a letter. Oral comments can be provided during proceedings. 

Formal Participation

An intervenor is a person or group that is a party to the proceedings. Intervenors have the same rights, responsibilities, and obligations as all other parties such as the applicant and Energy Commission staff. It is not necessary to be an attorney to be an intervenor or to be represented by one. 

Intervenors can testify at formal hearings, present evidence and witnesses, and cross-examine other witnesses. Since testimony is given under oath, it is afforded more weight than public comments when facts are being considered.

Learn about becoming an intervenor by contacting the Office of the Public Advisor.