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This page is a central clearinghouse of information regarding actions, hearings, or meetings that publicly owned utilities (POU) will hold related to the development of their respective integrated resource plans (IRP). Pursuant to Public Utilities (PU) Code section 9621, the governing boards of POUs with an annual electrical demand exceeding 700 gigawatthours are required to adopt an IRP and process for updating the plan at least once every five years. Pursuant to PU code section 9622, the IRPs adopted by the POUs must be submitted to the Energy Commission.

Public feedback is a valuable component of the POU planning process. Interested parties are encouraged to participate in the planning process at the local level as integrated resource plans are being developed by the POUs and as they are considered by their governing boards, and prior to their submission to the Energy Commission.

Interested parties may sign up for the POU IRP Activities list serve (to the right) and/or visit the POU resource planning webpages (found below) to learn more about POU planning workshops, meetings, and activities.

All retail electricity suppliers are required to disclose information to California consumers about the energy resources used to generate the electricity they sell. Parties may also view the Energy Commission Power Source Disclosure (PSD) webpage. The PSD webpage has information on the energy sources that retail electricity suppliers use to provide electric services to California consumers. The power content label (found on the PSD webpage) will include greenhouse gas emissions data starting in 2020.

Notices of public meetings, hearings and other information may take several days to appear on this page. These notices are provided as a convenience to interested stakeholders and do not replace any other noticing requirement or method used by POUs.

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Utility Contact Notices Current IRP Filing
Anaheim, City of Mei Pan

Carrie Thompson

Schedule of Meetings

Notice of availability of Executive Director IRP determination

Executive Director IRP determination letter

Staff IRP review paper

Supplementation Information received on 9/06/2018

Supporting Information received on 8/20/2018

Reporting tables received on 7/30/2018

IRP received on 6/26/2018

Burbank Water & Power Himanshu Pandey
Schedule of Meetings  
Glendale Water & Power Mark Young
Integrated Resources Planning Administrator
Schedule of Meetings  
Imperial Irrigation District Scott Harding

Tim Hamilton

Marc Printy
Schedule of Meetings  
Los Angeles Department
of Water and Power
James Barner

Jay Lim

Jodean Giese
Schedule of Meetings  
Modesto Irrigation District Martin Caballero
Schedule of Meetings  
Palo Alto, City of James Stack
Schedule of Meetings  
Pasadena Water and Power Mandip Samra
Schedule of Meetings  
Redding Electric Utility irp@reupower.com Schedule of Meetings  
Roseville Electric Utility David Siao

Schedule of Meetings

Riverside Public Utilities Dr. Scott M. Lesch
Schedule of Meetings  
Sacramento Municipal
Utility District (SMUD)
Scott Martin

Bryan Swann
Schedule of Meetings  
San Francisco Public Utilities Commission James Hendry
Schedule of Meetings  
Silicon Valley Power Kathleen Hughes
Schedule of Meetings  
Turlock Irrigation District Dan Severson

Willie Manuel
Schedule of Meetings  
Vernon Public Utilities Octavian Ngarambe

Abraham Alemu
Schedule of Meetings  

For questions, please contact:

Paul Deaver
California Energy Commission
Phone: 916-651-0313
E-mail: Paul.Deaver@energy.ca.gov

News media, please call: Media & Public Communications Office - 916-654-4989.