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Important: For this solicitation, applications will be submitted using the Grant Solicitation System (GSS). For assistance, please see How to Apply using GSS.


The purpose of this RFQ is to initiate a competitive bid process to select a highly qualified On-Call DCBO Firm to assist the STEP Division with compliance oversight for approved project modifications or emergency power plant facility changes for a contract cycle of three years. With the DCBO’s assistance, the Compliance Office can ensure that these modifications are completed on schedule and in accordance with all COCs.

The Energy Commission is seeking one team of technical specialists led by a contractor. A single Firm, and not a group of representatives from different companies, must submit an SOQ as the prime Contractor. The prime Contractor will be responsible for all contract administrative duties, analysis, project management, report preparation, quality assurance, graphics support services, direction of team members in all contract provisions, and participation in technical work assignments. The Contractor and the team can be from the same pre-existing organization, such as a full-service consultant Firm, or they can be from separate organizations (or self-employed) and form a partnership that can successfully work together for purposes of this RFQ.

Solicitation Contact

Please contact the Energy Commission agreement officer within the solicitation manual.