The roles and responsibilities of the Office of Governmental and International Affairs include:

  • Providing analyses and recommended positions on bills affecting the Energy Commission to the California Natural Resources Agency and the Governor's Office.
  • Preparing enrolled bill reports for the Governor on measures passed by the Legislature, recommending signature or veto.
  • Monitoring policy issues of interest to the Energy Commission and working with legislative members, staff, and other key stakeholders to ensure that the Energy Commission's views are understood and considered by policy makers.
  • Coordinating the development of Energy Commission-sponsored legislation and seeking authors for approved proposals.
  • Reviewing and answering questions from the Legislature on various energy issues.

 Brady Borcherding, Director of Governmental and International Affairs

  • Gretchen Kocinsky, Legislative Assistant
  • Forrest Pasturel, Legislative Analyst
  • Viet Vo, Legislative Analyst
  • Alana Sanchez, International Relations Senior Advisor