RPS Verification for POUs

As part of its Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) responsibilities, the Energy Commission verifies the eligibility of renewable energy procured for each RPS compliance period by retail sellers and local publicly owned utilities (POUs). For POUs, the Energy Commission also determines the portfolio content category classification of POU claims, calculates the procurement requirements for POUs, and determines POU compliance with the RPS.

For each compliance period, verification results for each POU will be issued independently. The verification results are not a compliance determination. After the Energy Commission adopts a POU’s verification results, it will begin the process of determining if the POU complies with the RPS requirements for the compliance period, in accordance with the Enforcement Procedures for the Renewables Portfolio Standard for Local Publicly Owned Electric Utilities.

Compliance Period 1

The Renewables Portfolio Standard Verification Results Lead Commissioner Reports for local publicly owned electric utilities (POUs) for Compliance Period 1 (2011-2013) listed below provide a summary of each POU’s RPS verification findings for Compliance Period 1.

The Energy Commission is currently in the process of determining POU compliance for Compliance Period 1, and will post the results when they are finalized.