At this time the NSHP is not accepting any new reservations for solar incentives. Existing reservations have until August 31, 2021, to submit a payment claims. The payment claim deadline was set to satisfy the December 31, 2021, statutory payment disbursal deadline required by Senate Bill 83 (Committee on Budget and Fiscal Review, Chapter 24, Statutes of 2015).

The NSHP program was created as part of a statewide solar incentive program called the California Solar Initiative (CSI). Launched in January 2007, the NSHP program is the California Energy Commission’s (Energy Commission) component of the CSI and is limited to new home construction in investor-owned utility (IOU) territories. Presently, most CSI programs, including the NSHP, are no longer accepting applications. 

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The NSHP guidebooks detail the eligibility requirements, rules, and processes for reserving and claiming an incentive through the NSHP program. The following guidebooks are different versions released by the NSHP program in prior years.  

  • NSHP Guidebook 11th Edition: Most current version of the NSHP Guidebook was effective as of October 11, 2017. This guidebook revision provides updates to the NSHP program areas pertaining to: Participation Deadlines, Incentive Levels, Incentive Calculation, Energy Efficiency and PV verification requirements, and change to Affordable Housing and Multifamily requirements.
  • NSHP Guidebook 10th Edition Revised: This version of the NSHP Guidebook was effective as of May 10, 2017. This guidebook revision provides updates to the NSHP program areas pertaining to: Incentive Levels, Incentive Calculation, Incentive Disclosure Requirements, Energy Efficiency and PV verification requirements, PV System Eligibility, Established Installer Process Updates, and Affordable Housing Requirements.

The Flexible Installation (FI) Calculator forecasts the performance of proposed rooftop PV systems applying to the NSHP. The production forecasts aid the calculation of incentive amounts to be received by applicants and must be used for NSHP projects subject to the 10th and 11th Editions of the NSHP Guidebook.

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Software Requirements

  • PC platform with MS Windows OS (Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 10)
  • Microsoft Excel (2007, 2010, 2013, 2016)

Installation Instructions

  1. Run the MSI installer and follow the prompts from the install wizard
  2. When available above, download and run the MSI file with the most recent calculator. Uninstall the previous version of the FI Calculator if previously installed. 

Support Files

The reports provided in this section are produced as required by the California Public Utilities Commission Decision 16-06-006, “Decision Funding Authorizations and Related Measures for Continuation of the New Solar Homes Partnership Program,” approved June 9, 2016. The reports in this section provide an overview of the NSHP program’s approved and reserved sites within each respective time basis. The Energy Commission began generating reports on April 1, 2016.

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