Resolution Regarding Revisions to the Guidelines for California’s Solar Electric Incentive Programs (Senate Bill 1), 7th Edition
The resolution adopted at the July 15, 2019 CEC business meeting was effective immediately. It will be incorporated into the next revision of the SB 1 Guidelines.

Guidelines for California’s Solar Electric Incentive Programs - PDF
These guidelines are an available resource for learning about the requirements for the solar equipment lists.

Solar Equipment Lists
The solar equipment lists and instructions on how to add equipment to these lists are on the Go Solar California website equipment page.

Docket Log
A chronicle of official records for regulatory proceedings related to the solar equipment lists.

The CEC developed the solar equipment lists under Senate Bill 1 (Murray, Chapter 132, Statutes of 2006), establishing criteria and standards for solar projects applying for ratepayer-funded incentive programs under the California Solar Initiative. To ensure the solar equipment met minimum safety and performance standards, the CEC created lists of solar equipment, including photovoltaic modules, inverters, meters, performance monitoring and reporting systems, and other solar energy-generating systems.

The purpose and use of these lists have expanded over time from initially supporting solar incentive programs. The equipment information and data in the lists are used for purposes including researching, modeling, validating interconnection requirements by utilities, integrating smart inverters, and supporting existing or expanded solar incentive programs.

The CEC is exploring opportunities to expand the current lists to include other technologies, such as battery storage, to respond to the solar market and industry needs.

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Solar Equipment



Solar Equipment
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