Petroleum Watch is a monthly newsletter on the California petroleum industry. Topics include:   

  • Refinery news.
  • Gasoline prices by brand.
  • Diesel prices by region.
  • Featured topic.

2021-01 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Combined Heat and Power Generation at Petroleum Refineries

2021-02 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Foreign Crude Oil Imports Decline in 2020

2021-03 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Gasoline Retail Prices Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels

2021-04 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Refinery Product Slates and Crack Spreads

2021-05 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • California Refinery Utilization

2021-06 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • California Gasoline Market Compared to Other States

2021-07 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • 2020 Annual Retail Fuel Outlet Report and Gasoline Prices

2021-08 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • A Primer on California's Pipeline Infrastructure

2021-09 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • OPEC Influence on U.S. Crude Oil

2021-10 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Retail Fuel Outlet Annual Report

2021-11 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • California Offshore Crude Oil Production and Spills

2021-12 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • California Oil Fields With Thermal Enhanced Oil Recovery

2020-01 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Retail Distribution

2020-02 Petroleum Watch - PDF 

  • What Types of Crude Oil Do California Refineries Process?

2020-03 Petroleum Watch - PDF 

  • How Petroleum Products Move

2020-04 Petroleum Watch - PDF 

  • Crude Oil Price Shock

2020-05 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Refining Operations Under Decreased Demand

2020-06 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Impact of Stay-At-Home Orders on Petroleum Prices

2020-07 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Coronavirus Fuel Demand Impacts and Refinery Operation Changes

2020-08 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Indefinite Idling of Marathon Martinez Refinery

2020-09 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Primer on Different Blends of Gasoline

2020-10 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Annual Retail Fuel Outlet Report Results: Gasoline

2020-11 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • California Crude Oil Extraction

2020-12 Petroleum Watch - PDF

  • Coronavirus Impacts Update

Archived Years - Starting from 2005 are available on request. Please send request to Media Office.

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