For Immediate Release January 15, 2020

SACRAMENTO – Expanded rules for light bulbs, used predominantly in home lamps and sockets (known as general service lamps or GSLs), took effect January 1, 2020 clarifying what types of bulbs fall under the existing standard of 45 lumens per watt. The National Electrical Manufacturing Association and American Lighting Association tried to challenge these rules, but today dismissed its lawsuit. The following is a statement by California Energy Commissioner J. Andrew McAllister regarding the dismissal:

“The Energy Commission is pleased to hear about the National Electrical Manufacturing Association’s decision to drop its lawsuit. This is a big win for consumers. Congress recognized and codified into law California’s leadership in advancing efficient lighting. We have consistently led the nation to ensure that the most energy efficient appliances are on the shelves, and we have encouraged lighting manufacturers to innovate. California’s rules make the most efficient and affordable lighting technologies available to all Californians.”

For more information on how to choose the right light, consumers can visit the University of California, Davis California Lighting Technology Center, which developed a video and print out guide, in partnership with the California Energy Commission (CEC).

McAllister’s quote is also available as a downloadable audio file


About the California Energy Commission
The California Energy Commission is leading the state to a 100 percent clean energy future. It has seven core responsibilities: developing renewable energy, transforming transportation, increasing energy efficiency, investing in energy innovation, advancing state energy policy, certifying thermal power plants, and preparing for energy emergencies.