For Immediate Release: September 30, 2022

Sacramento -- The California Energy Commission’s eighth annual Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Symposium will be held virtually Tuesday, Oct. 4.

EPIC is California’s premier clean energy research and development program. It invests more than $160 million a year to drive clean energy innovation and entrepreneurship and improve the resiliency of the electricity system as climate impacts accelerate.

“The EPIC symposium provides a unique opportunity to hear from leading clean tech innovators, researchers, and entrepreneurs about emerging technologies and best practices, and to connect about future projects and partnerships,” said CEC Chair David Hochschild.

Guest speakers include:

  • Henry McKoy Jr., Director of the U.S. Office of State and Community Energy Programs
  • California State Assemblymember Eduardo Garcia
  • Liane Randolph, Chair of the California Air Resources Board
  • Alice Reynolds, President of the California Public Utilities Commission
  • Elliot Mainzer, CEO for the California Independent Systems Operator
  • Patricia Poppe, CEO of Pacific Gas and Electric Company

During the symposium, energy technology, policy and industry experts will discuss a variety of topics including the impact of electric vehicles on the grid, how modeling can help mitigate potential environmental impacts of offshore wind development, lithium-ion battery reuse and recycling, and strategies to help California achieve its renewable energy and decarbonization goals and transition homes in under-resourced communities away from gas appliances.

Attendees will also learn about clean tech funding. The EPIC program was established in 2012 and has supported more than 430 projects with $1 billion in funding that helped awardees secure $7.8 billion in follow-on private investment. A virtual exhibit hall will showcase some of the EPIC-funded projects.

This event comes as California commits to investing a record $54 billion to fight climate change and implement world-leading measures that will cut pollution, deploy clean energy and new technologies, and protect Californians from harmful drilling.

The symposium is held in partnership with the California Public Utilities Commission, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison, and San Diego Gas & Electric Company. 

To register for the symposium, or view the agenda, visit the EPIC registration webpage.


About the California Energy Commission
The California Energy Commission is leading the state to a 100 percent clean energy future. It has seven core responsibilities: developing renewable energy, transforming transportation, increasing energy efficiency, investing in energy innovation, advancing state energy policy, certifying thermal power plants, and preparing for energy emergencies.