The Geothermal Grant and Loan Program funds the development of geothermal resources with money from the state’s Geothermal Resources Development Account (GRDA). Thirty percent of the account funds, which come from royalty and lease payments made to the U.S. government by geothermal developers operating on federal land in California, are available to the Energy Commission program to promote and maintain development of California's vast geothermal energy resources, mitigate any adverse impacts caused by geothermal development, and help local jurisdictions offset the costs of providing public services necessitated by geothermal development.

The California Legislature established the program in 1980 under Public Resources Code sections 3822-3823.


The Energy Commission makes program awards through competitive solicitations. Eligible entities, including private entities and local jurisdictions, can qualify for financial assistance for a wide variety of geothermal-related projects, including geothermal technology research demonstrations; resource assessment, exploration, and development; local and regional planning; and impact mitigation projects.

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Previous projects funded by the program are in the list of geothermal projects and reports.

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