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The purpose of this solicitation is to provide funding for California cities, counties, or cities and counties, to establish online, automated solar permitting. Senate Bill 129 (Skinner, Budget Act of 2021) appropriates $20 million in funding to the California Energy Commission (CEC) to support a funding program pursuant to this purpose.

Funding through CalAPP is available to all incorporated cities, counties, or cities and counties to implement an online, automated permitting platform that verifies code compliance and issues permits in real time for a solar energy system.

To meet its clean energy goals, California needs new renewable and storage resources, including rooftop solar and storage projects. Per the 2021 Senate Bill 100 Joint Agency Report, achieving 100% clean electricity in California requires an acceleration of the development of rooftop solar projects. CalAPP funding is intended to encourage cities and counties to further enhance permitting processes and accelerate processing and turnaround time, particularly regarding plan review. Overall, funding is intended to promote the development of residential solar and solar-plus-storage systems, greatly decreasing approval times, cutting permitting costs for local governments and homeowners, and helping California meet its greenhouse gas emission reduction goals through an easier installation process.

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