The Energy Commission assembled the Petroleum Market Advisory Committee to help assess petroleum market issues of interest. The committee consisted of five petroleum fuels market experts that the Energy Commission appointed. These leading energy economists and experts provided the Energy Commission and state regulators with independent advice and insights on issues affecting the market, from local policies to global events. The committee conducted its activities, discussions, and observations from December 2014 to November 2016. The final report was published in September 2017. 

The committee discussed the impact of climate change policies, including cap and trade and the Low Carbon Fuel Standard. The committee also discussed the events following the Torrance Refinery explosion on February 18, 2015, its influence on the petroleum market, and the market participant response. A primary concern was the three gasoline price spikes in the first half of 2015. Several policy options were discussed to reduce California’s exposure to these types of events in the future. 

In meetings, the committee heard from several stakeholders within the gasoline market including government agencies, traders, retailers, distributors, environmental and consumer groups, news organizations, and market analysis firms.

Located below are meeting dates and transcripts. 

Petroleum Market Advisory Committee Meetings

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