Notice to All Applicants of Energy Commission Solicitations

COVID-19 has forced many employees of entities applying for Energy Commission (CEC) funds to telework.  As a result, the CEC has received requests to temporarily waive the requirement that applicants provide a manual signature on application materials.  

Accordingly, until further notice, any requirement in CEC contract, grant, and loan solicitations, as well as in requests for offer, to provide a signature is waived (even if it is in the screening criteria).  No signature, even electronic, is necessary.

This waiver only applies to application materials due from this date forward.  It does not apply to material submitted for due dates that have already passed.      

In an effort to reduce the administrative cost of making this change, the CEC is sending out this one notice instead of issuing an individual addendum to each contract, grant, and loan solicitation or request for offer.    

Solicitations are ordered by the latest release date. Use the filter to search by solicitation status, type, and division.

GFO-17-607 - School Bus Replacement for California Public School Districts, County Offices of Education, and Joint Power Authorities

Grant Funding Opportunity

Solicitation Number: GFO-17-607
Release Date:
Submission Deadline:
Division: Fuels and Transportation
Status: Awarded

IFB-17-403 - Increasing Compliance with the Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Invitations for Bid

Solicitation Number: IFB-17-403
Release Date:
Submission Deadline:
Division: Efficiency
Status: Closed

RFQ-17-702 - Siting, Transmission, and Environmental Protection Peak Workload

Request for Qualification

Solicitation Number: RFQ-17-702
Release Date:
Submission Deadline:
Division: Siting, Transmission, and Environmental Protection
Status: Closed

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Please contact the Energy Commission agreement officer for the solicitation.


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