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Fuels and Transportation
Clean Transportation Program
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The purpose of this solicitation is to demonstrate innovative charging technologies and/or business models that highlight the unique needs of MD/HD vehicles and fleets.

Additional Information

  • Pre-Application Workshop Attendee List (See Solicitation Files)
  • Pre-Application Workshop Event Recording (See Event page)
  • Pre-Application Workshop Presentation (See Solicitation Files)
  • Questions & Answers (See Solicitation Files)
  • Addendum 1 (See Solicitation Files)
  • Addendum 2 (See Solicitation Files)
  • Addendum 3 (See Solicitation Files)
  • Revised Questions & Answers (See Solicitation Files)
  • Notice of Pre-Application Abstract Results (See Solicitation Files)
  • Addendum 4 (See Solicitation Files)

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Please contact the Energy Commission agreement officer within the solicitation manual.