Picture of Commissioner Sharpless

Jananne Sharpless was appointed to the California Energy Commission in January 1994 and was a member through 1999.

The five members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor to staggered five-year terms and require Senate Rules Committee approval. By law, the five members of the Commission have professional training and background in specific areas -- engineering and physical science, environmental protection, economics, law and one commissioner from the public at large. Ms. Sharpless filled the environmentalist position.

She has served on the United States Environmental Protection Agency Clean Air Act Advisory Committee; Federal Fleet Conversion Task Force; Chairwoman 1990 United California State Employees Campaign; and Chairwoman (1986-1987) Alternative Fuels and Vehicles Review Task Force (AB 234).

She was recognized for her professional efforts with the following organizations: 1991 Clean Air Award from the American Lung Association; 1991 Phillip S. Tow Government Award from the American Lung Association, Sacramento-Emigrant Trail Chapter; 1991 South Coast Air Quality Management District Clean Air Award; and 1993 Richard Beatty Mellon Award from the Air and Waste Management Association.

From 1985 to 1991, Ms. Sharpless was both Secretary of Environmental Affairs and Chairwoman of the California Air Resources Board. In 1991, when the positions were separated and the California Environmental Protection Agency created, she served as California Air Resources Board Chair, from January 1991 to November 1993. From April 1983 to May 1985, she was Chief Deputy Secretary of the Environmental Affairs Agency. Prior to 15 years as a consultant in the California Legislature, Ms. Sharpless was an Administrative Assistant to the late Assemblyman John G. Veneman.

She graduated from the University of California, Davis, with a B.A. Degree in Political Science.