Picture of Commissioner Laurie

Appointed by Governor Wilson
2/1997 to 1/1998
Reappointed by Governor Wilson
1/1998 to 1/2003
Resigned position
June 21, 2002

Robert A. Laurie was appointed to the California Energy Commission in February 1997 and reappointed in January 1998 for a five-year term. The five members of the Energy Commission are appointed by the Governor and requires Senate confirmation. By law, the five members of the Energy Commission are required to have professional training in specific areas - engineering or physical science, environmental protection, economics and law. One commissioner is appointed from the public-at-large. Commissioner Laurie filled the law position.

Mr. Laurie resigned from his position effective June 21, 2002, to pursue opportunities in the private sector.

Commissioner Laurie served as Presiding Member of the Energy Facility Siting and Environmental Committee, the Export Committee and the Strategic Planning & Reorganization Committees. He was Associate Member of the Research, Development and Demonstration Committee. The Commissioner had also been appointed by the Governor to serve as the State Liaison Officer to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Other areas of responsibility included state nuclear issues and oversight of the operations of the California Independent System Operator.

Mr. Laurie had been the Commissioner primarily responsible for the development of the Commission's power plant licensing policies and procedures.

Mr. Laurie's professional background is reflective of experience in both the private and public law sectors. As legal counsel to counties, cities and special districts, he is knowledgeable in governmental structures and operation. He has utilized his extensive expertise in land use, environmental and administrative issues to serve the public in the regulatory and entitlement process.

Upon his return from military service, Mr. Laurie completed his college education by obtaining a B.A. Degree in Political Science from the University of California at Irvine where he graduated with honors, and his law degree from McGeorge School of Law, Sacramento.

Immediately prior to his Energy Commission appointment, Mr. Laurie was a member of the Contractors' State License Board, to which he was appointed by Governor Wilson in 1992 and reappointed in 1996. He was Chairman of the Board in 1994, having served as Chairman of the Executive Committee and the Sunset Review Task Force.

Commissioner Laurie has been cast in leadership positions of various local, regional and statewide business and economic development organizations, including charitable and civic groups within his community.