2022 Single-family Compliance Forms

2022 Low-rise Multifamily Compliance Forms

2022 Nonresidential Compliance Forms

  • NRCC and NRCI forms are available to fill-in online through Energy Code Ace’s website.
  • NRCC forms can be generated using the approved software.
  • NRCA fillable forms ending in F must be completed by a field technician.
  • NRCA forms ending in A will need to be completed by a Certified Acceptance Test Technician (ATT) through the Certification Provider’s website. For more info visit the ATTCP webpage.
  • NRCV forms must be completed through the HERS providers registry. For more info visit the HERS webpage.
  • Sample copies of the forms (not usable for compliance) are available on the 2022 Supporting Documents – Forms - Nonresidential webpage.

Resources and Training Materials

Overview of Residential and Nonresidential Buildings

Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Energy Code) requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings.


Mandatory commissioning requirements for nonresidential buildings.

Covered Processes

Mandatory and prescriptive covered processes requirements for nonresidential buildings.

Electrical Power Distribution

Mandatory electrical power distribution requirements for nonresidential buildings.


Mandatory and prescriptive envelope requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings.


Mandatory and prescriptive HVAC requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings.


Mandatory and prescriptive requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings.

Solar PV Systems and Solar Ready

Informational resources specific to the photovoltaic system requirements and solar-ready requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings.

Water Heating

Mandatory and prescriptive water heater requirements for residential and nonresidential buildings.

Regulatory Advisories

Regulatory advisories provide guidance about a specific topic relating to the Energy Code.

Acceptance Testing and Home Energy Rating System

Acceptance Test Technician Certification Provider

Look for educational resources on the acceptance testing requirements for nonresidential buildings and more information on the ATTCP program.

Home Energy Rating System - HERS

Look for educational resources on the HERS requirements for both residential and nonresidential buildings and more information on the HERS program.

Additional Tools and Information

Compliance Software

Listing of the residential and nonresidential compliance software approved by the CEC.

Blueprint Newsletter

Stay up to date on the Energy Standards with articles and FAQs.

Climate Zones

Use the EZ Building Climate Zone Search Tool, or search by zip code to determine in which of the 16 climate zones a project is located.

Solar Assessment Tools

As part of the 2019 Energy Standards, builders must verify and document the installed PV system shading conditions. Links to approved tools.

Manufacturer Certification for Building Equipment

A list of equipment, products, and devices certified to the CEC to meet the Energy Code.

Local Ordinance Exceeding the 2019 Energy Code

List of approvals and pending applications for building efficiency ordinances adopted by California towns, cities, and counties.

Special Cases for Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Information about the formal process to certify the compliance options of products, materials, and calculation methods.

External Resources

Energy Code Ace

Search for more Energy Code tools, training, and resources developed by the utilities with technical support from the CEC.

External Educational Resources

Find links to other educational resources on the Energy Code provided by California state agencies, utilities, and trade associations.


Building Energy Efficiency Standards - Title 24
Toll-free in California: 800-772-3300
Outside California: 916-654-5106

For requests to print the 2022 Energy Code contact bsorequests@energy.ca.gov or 916-654-5200


Building Energy Efficiency Standards