About Tracking Progress

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency advancements reduce greenhouse gases, lower business costs, and allow consumers to save money, improve health, and increase comfort.

Renewable Energy

Advancing the use and availability of renewable energy is critical to achieving California’s ambitious climate change goals.

Zero-Emission Vehicles and Infrastructure - ZEV

Learn how ZEVs are reducing local pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Installed Electric Capacity and Generation

A wide variety of power plants in California and throughout the West provides energy to meet California’s electricity demand.

Declining Reliance on Coal

Reductions in the use of coal-fired electricity generation have played a key role in California’s efforts to decrease greenhouse gas emissions.

Resource Flexibility

With an unprecedented growth in renewables, system operators need to have additional flexible capabilities to balance supply and demand.

Once-Through Cooling - OTC

The goal of the once-through cooling policy is to reduce the inflow of ocean and estuarine water for power plant cooling.

Energy Storage

Energy storage technologies capture electricity or heat for use later in the electricity power sector.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

California is an international leader in addressing climate change and reducing greenhouse gases emissions.

Energy Innovation

The Energy Commission’s research and development programs advance solutions for a cleaner, safer, more affordable, and more resilient energy system.

Energy Equity Indicators

Energy equity indicators identify opportunities to improve access to clean energy technologies for low-income customers and disadvantaged communities.

American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009

Investments from the ARRA funds created jobs while emphasizing immediate upgrade projects and sustained market transformation.