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This is a competitive grant solicitation. The California Energy Commission’s (CEC’s) Clean Transportation Program [] announces the availability of up to $7,000,000 in grant funds for projects to design, engineer, construct, install, test, operate, and maintain a hydrogen facility in California that will produce 100 percent renewable hydrogen from in-state renewable resource(s). The facility, once constructed and operational, will be a source of 100% renewable hydrogen which will be utilized for transportation fuel. Projects will produce hydrogen that will meet California regulations when dispensed at the station for use in on-road fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs), both light-duty and medium-/heavy-duty.

Additional Information

  • Notice of Proposed Awards  (See Solicitation Files)
  • Notice of Pre-Application Abstract Results (See Solicitation Files)

Deadline and Time:

  • Deadline to submit Pre-Application Abstracts: June 16, 2021 - PM PDT
  • Deadline to submit Full Applications: September 22, 2021 - 5PM PDT
  • Deadline to submit Post-Pre-Application Workshop Questions: July 28, 2021 - 5PM PDT


  • Addendum 1 (See Solicitation Files)
  • Addendum 2 (See Solicitation Files)
  • Addendum 3 (See Solicitation Files)
  • Addendum 4 (See Solicitation Files)

Pre-Application Workshop

  • Pre-Application Workshop Event Recording - Zoom (See Event Page)
  • Pre-Application Workshop Attendee List (See Solicitation Files)

Solicitation Events

April 23, 2021 | 10:00 AM - 12:00 PM
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Solicitation Contact

Please contact the Energy Commission agreement officer within the solicitation manual.