Acceptance Test Technician Certification Provider Program - ATTCP

The program ensures that lighting control and mechanical contractors comply with the Energy Standards in nonresidential buildings.

Appliance Efficiency Program: Outreach and Education

Fact sheets, frequently asked questions, and training tools about the appliance efficiency requirements (Title 20).

Bright Schools Program

A wide range of technical assistance for California K-12 public school districts.

Building Energy Benchmarking Program

Reporting building characteristics and energy use data, known as benchmarking, is required for certain types of commercial and multifamily buildings.

Building Energy Efficiency Standards

Transforming California's buildings through standards for newly constructed buildings and alterations and additions to existing buildings.

Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development Program - BUILD

Building Initiative for Low-Emissions Development (BUILD) Program is building decarbonization program.

California Automated Permit Processing Program - CalAPP

Funding program to assist local governments with establishing online solar permitting.

California Clean Energy Jobs Act K-12 Program - Prop 39

Providing more than a billion dollars to California's K-12 schools for efficiency and renewable energy projects.

California Electric Homes Program - CalEHP

Incentive program for the construction of new market-rate residential buildings as all-electric buildings or/and with energy storage systems.

California Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Project (CALeVIP) 2.0

One of the CEC’s block grants to provide incentives for the purchase and installation of light-duty electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

California Schools Healthy Air, Plumbing, and Efficiency Program - CalSHAPE

California Schools Healthy Air, Plumbing, and Efficiency Program (CalSHAPE) funds HVAC and plumbing upgrades in California schools.

Carbon Removal Innovation Support Program - CRISP

CRISP will provide financial incentives with the goal of advance technologies for direct air capture of atmospheric carbon in California.

Clean Hydrogen Program

Clean Hydrogen Program provides financial incentives to demonstrate or scale-up clean hydrogen production, processing, delivery, storage, or end use.

Clean Transportation Program

Funds projects that support the adoption of zero-emission clean transportation.

Climate Innovation Program

Supporting early development and scale-up of breakthrough clean energy and climate change tech by providing $500 million for eligible projects.

Community Energy Reliability and Resilience Investment (CERRI) Program

The CERRI program will fund projects across California that increase community energy resilience and reliability.

Demand Side Grid Support Program

The Demand Side Grid Support (DSGS) Program will incentivize customer load reduction to support the state’s electrical grid during extreme events.

Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

At the turn of this century, California received only 11 percent of its energy from renewable sources.

Distributed Electricity Backup Assets Program

Incentive program for cleaner distributed energy assets that serve as emergency electricity supply or load reduction during extreme events

DOE Title 17 Clean Energy Financing Program

Title 17 Clean Energy Financing Program provides federal loan guarantees for clean energy projects that receive support from a SEFI, including the CEC

Electric Program Investment Charge Program - EPIC

EPIC investments support clean energy research and development projects.

Energy Conservation Assistance Act

Two types of efficiency low-interest loans to cities; counties; special districts; and public schools, colleges, hospitals, and care institutions.

Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings

Achieving greater efficiency in existing buildings will require an array of creative, systemic solutions. The strategic plan will guide these efforts.

Energy Innovation Ecosystem

The Energy Innovation Ecosystem provides networking, funding, and other support to help advance clean energy in innovation.

Energy Partnership Program

Technical assistance for cities; counties; special districts; and public colleges, universities hospitals, and care facilities.

Energy System Infrastructure Planning

California is moving to a renewable energy future and new tools and solutions are helping guide that transition.

Enforcement Case Settlements

The Office of Compliance Assistance and Enforcement enforces energy and water efficiency standards for appliances and new building construction.

Equitable Building Decarbonization Program

Promotes the decarbonization of existing buildings through a direct install program and an incentive program.

Financing and Investment Solutions for Clean Energy Building Upgrades

SB 1112 requires CEC to develop a report describing statutory changes to improve access to federal funding for inclusive utility investments.

Food Production Investment Program

The Food Production Investment Program supports research to help food producers save energy, save money, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas Research and Development Program

Funds gas research, development, and demonstrations to support entrepreneurs; foster resiliency, health, and safety; and decarbonize gas end uses.

Geothermal Grant and Loan Program

Learn about the California Energy Commission’s Geothermal Grant and Loan Program.

Home Energy Rating and Labeling Program

Generating market value for energy efficient and clean energy features in homes through rating and labeling.

Home Energy Rating System Program - HERS

The program addresses construction defects and poor equipment installation, including HVAC systems and insulation, by evaluating homes.

Industrial Decarbonization and Improvement of Grid Operations - INDIGO

INDIGO program will provide incentives for industrial projects that provide benefits to the electric grid, reduce emissions and local air pollution.

Inflation Reduction Act Residential Energy Rebate Programs

The Inflation Reduction Act provides funding for residential energy efficiency, high-efficiency electric appliances, and contractor training.

Integrated Energy Policy Report - IEPR

The IEPR provides a cohesive approach to identifying and solving the state’s pressing energy needs and issues.

Lithium Valley Vision

Learn how lithium in the Salton Sea region could play a key role in the state’s 100 percent clean energy future and transform the local economy.

Local Government Building Decarbonization Challenge Program

The Local Government Building Decarbonization Challenge will provide planning grants to local governments to support building decarbonization.

Local Government Challenge

A state and local government partnership to develop innovative solutions that will improve energy performance in communities.

Long Duration Energy Storage Program

The LDES program funds projects that support the deployment of long duration energy storage solutions to support our clean energy goals.

National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program

Information on California’s implementation of the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program.

Offshore Wind Waterfront Facility Improvement Program

The program provides financial incentives to eligible in-state projects for planning and development of waterfront facilities for offshore wind.

Power Source Disclosure Program

Power Source Disclosure program provides a power content label for every utility in California that is distributed to all CA ratepayers.

Renewable Energy for Agriculture Program

California Energy Commission’s Renewable Energy for Agriculture Program offers grants encouraging the installation of renewable energy technologies.

Renewables Portfolio Standard - RPS

The Renewables Portfolio Standard (RPS) is one of California’s key programs for advancing renewable energy.

Replacement Tire Efficiency Program

Replacement Tire Efficiency Program for replacement tires for passenger cars and light-duty trucks.

Residential Solar Permit Reporting – SB 379

Reporting hub for California cities and counties to annually provide data about online, automated solar permitting.

School Bus Replacement Program

Funds the replacement of old diesel school buses in disadvantaged and low-income communities throughout the state.

Solar Equipment Lists Program

Review listings of solar equipment that meet established national safety and performance standards.

Tribal Program

California Energy Commission’s Tribal Program helps the agency conduct effective government-to-government interaction with Native American tribes.

Vehicle-Grid Integration Program

Information on the efforts of the California Energy Commission and partners to advance and prepare for widespread vehicle-grid integration.

Waste Heat and Carbon Emissions Reduction Act

Guidelines for certification and annual compliance of combined heat and power systems pursuant to the Waste Heat and Carbon Emission Reduction Act

Zero Emission School Bus and Infrastructure Program

Funding charging and refueling infrastructure to support replacement of internal combustion school buses with zero-emission school buses.

Zero-Emission Vehicle Related Manufacturing

The California Energy Commission provides funding to support zero-emission vehicle and zero-emission vehicle-related manufacturing in California.